4 Cubs Farm Sets Start Date for Robotic Milking

Monday, March 12, 2018 | News Release l 4 Cubs Farm |

Here's an update from the 4 Cubs Farm near Grantsburg. Construction work continues as they add robotic milking after the farm lost its milking parlor in a Nov. 1 fire.

"We officially have a start date for milking on the robots - Monday, March 26. Can't wait to see these girls come back home!

"We'll be starting with 4 robots and will bring home 120 cows to start with (adding in cows that are already at our farm as they have their calves) and building up as we bring more robots online.

"Once the cows are adjusted and used to the new process, we'll do a Facebook Live so you can see the robots in action."

The Peterson family plans to host Dairy Day at the farm again this year, sometime in mid to late June.

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