Grantsburg's Unleaded Fuel Price 17-21 Cents/Gal. Higher

Monday, March 19, 2018 | By Steve Briggs |

A Monday morning price check on Unleaded 87 Octane gasoline at area gas stations shows Grantsburg’s price is 17-21 cents per gallon higher than at stores in neighboring communities.

Store visits and phone calls showed the price-per-gallon for Unleaded 87 Octane:

  • Sinclair Station Grantsburg $2.76/gal.
  • Minit Mart Mobil Grantsburg $2.76/gal.
  • Minit Mart Mobil Webster $2.59
  • Country Store Grantsburg $2.73, decreased at 8 a.m. 3-19-18 to $2.69.
  • Burnett Dairy Co-op Gas station $2.59
  • Four Winds Siren $2.55
  • Holiday StationStore Siren $2.59
  • Holiday StationStore St. Croix Falls $2.56
  • Holiday StationStore Cushing $2.56
  • Log Cabin Store Danbury $2.56

[Siren Fourwinds Station]

Darla Harper, who with her husband Cliff owns and operates the Country Store on Grantsburg’s north side, said, “The highway dictates the local gas price,” referring to the Sinclair and Minit Mart Stations located on Highway 70.

Darla Harper added, “We try to keep our prices two to five cents cheaper than theirs. I am lowering  our price this morning at 8 a.m. to $2.69.”

[Minit Mart Grantsburg]

Employees at the Minit Mart station in Grantsburg would not speak on the record but said their fuel prices are not set in Grantsburg.

At Minit Mart, an employee said, “I am told our fuel price is set at the corporate office. If we are supposed to change our price, a message on the cash register tells the manager what the new price is. I believe the corporate office is in Oho.” 

Grantsburg Sinclair's Monday unleaded price was 20-21 cents/gal higher than Siren

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